supporting you through your eating disorder and self harm

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whenimethim wrote in bsupport4us
for anyone who finds this site, i think it would only be polite to inform you of myself.
currently i am 14, soon to be 15, oh joy.

i suffer from both bulimia and anorexia, and am recovering from selfharm. i cant really remember when exactly my strange eating habbits arose, or why, but i was pretty damn young, below 9 or 8. same goes for self harm, although i didnt use razor blades until i was 12.

my family, well fake family know about my situation, and have been trying to force me to get help for the past year and a bit, but i physically cannot, im restrained inside my own body, i live and will die in the fleshy prison.
i was a member of a group similar to this, but they bloody grouped it with another one and are taking their time accepting me. i know how hard the first few steps are for getting help, so hopefully you can find this useful.

kath x

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hello there!I am 30 years old,so i guess im the old timer here,but i do have some words of support for fellow members.i may need your words at times to.

thank you for making this place

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